5 Unconventional Exercises to Mobilize/Strengthen Your Spine

Back pain is sweeping the world due to the advancements in technology and comfort. Sitting at a desk or computer for hours on end, will have negative side effects long-term. Your shoulders play a large role in your back pain as well, so don’t be afraid to try these 5 unconventional shoulder exercises to help strengthen and mobilize. These 5 unconventional back exercises are designed to alleviate lumbar and thoracic spine pain.

So take a break from your desk and get up and move the body around, it will improve your quality of life. I promise!

1. Cat Cow


2. Page Turners


3. Supine Scorpion


4. Gunslingers


5. Reach Under The Couch


By performing 1 set of each exercise you will alleviate some of your pain, but not permanently. If you want this to become a permanent pain relief then you will need to do these exercises for a minimum of 3 sets and 60 seconds each, about 3x or more per week. Doing these exercises will help strengthen your positioning, but proper positioning needs to be achieved all the time.

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