5 Unconventional Movements to Mobilize/Strengthen Your Hips

Pain is never fun to deal with and can set us back from our goals. If your hips don’t feel right and you need to work on strengthening them, then you are in the right place.

The following exercises are great ways to ensure that your hips are healthy, strong, and mobile. As we get older, our mobility and strength, especially in this sedentary modern life, has diminished greatly. Between our desk jobs, lazy-boy couches, and driving, our hips hate us! So let’s get them to love us again. Before you try these moves, watch this video first to understand the importance of ensuring our body position is correct


1. Active Pigeon


2. 90-90


3. Frogs


4. L-Sit


5. Hip Adductor Rocks


If you want to maintain your hips, you will want to perform these movements for 60 seconds once a week. If you want to improve your hips, you will want to perform these movements for 60 seconds 3 rounds each 3-5 days per week. When your hips start to increase their mobility over time, then you can move from improving them to maintaining them.

These moves are NOT over night fixes. I recommend any of my clients to maintain a consistent routine for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Check out this blog explaining why exercise can actually help joint pain!

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