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Dan’s Jerky Recipe

Jerky is an awesome protein snack that is just way too expensive for the amount you get from the store. Making your own jerky is easy and can be incredibly inexpensive. This isn’t some super secret jerky recipe. It’s called Dan’s jerky recipe because Dan

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The Eight Fundamental Movements

Did you know that all your movements can be broken down into eight fundamental movements? Sure, your movement gets more complicated than that but that’s the fun part of the body. You can move in several different directions all at once but every direction you

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Exercise isn’t Sexy

Exercise isn’t sexy. Working out isn’t sexy. Lifting weights isn’t sexy. The gym just isn’t sexy. I mean gosh it looks like people are trying to not fart all the time. There are a lot of unsexy things about the gym but I am here

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How should I be working out?

The most loaded fitness question of all time. How should I be working out? Here is the problem with that question. You are a 10,000 piece 3D puzzle. That means there are 10,000 ways to start and millions of different ways to do the puzzle.

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What are Good Fitness and Health Goals?

Looking for good fitness and health goals? First you probably shouldn’t be googling what your fitness and health goals should be but we are here to help you with some ideas and give you a strategy on how to create your own goals. First, you

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Does your sleep suck?

Does your sleep suck? Coach Paul explains why the general population is struggling to achieve enough sleep and how it can effect you on a daily basis.  Lack of sleep, more specifically restful sleep, can cause a slew of problems. Sleep is at the top

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Are carbs bad for me?

Carbs aren’t bad for you. Do you remember in the 1960’s the invention of the low fat diet? Me either cause I wasn’t born yet but it was a real thing. But fat was demonized for a long time and considered the reason why people

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Your health is an investment

The biggest reason why people don’t hire a personal trainer is because they cannot afford it. The number one rejection is always that it costs too much. This is when I explain to a potential client to look at it more like an investment in

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