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Teach yourself to burn more calories

Did you know you can teach yourself to burn more calories? It’s not like picking up a book and learning how to change a tire or whatever but it’s true. With the right tools you can teach yourself to burn more calories. How is this

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Knee Pain Stinks

Knee pain is THE most common athletic injury to date (ACL tears). Typically the knee pain is one of the worst to deal with because it can effect the way you walk, which is a necessary function for every day life. The funny thing about

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The Spin Bike. Worth it or Dump it?

The Spin Bike. Worth it or Dump it? To start this blog off, I want to say right off the bat. If you are someone who enjoys doing spin classes, peloton virtual rides, or just cycling on your own, then keep doing what you love.

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First off, I will probably make a lot of chiropractors, and/or physical therapists mad by writing about this. But it’s the truth, and it needs to be said, back pain is complicated. Back pain very rarely stems from your back. In fact, while fixing 100s

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The 3 Most Underrated Topics in Fitness

This blog post is to help educate the general population on what REALLY matters when it comes to your fitness routine, and the health benefits behind it. The fitness industry is very distracting when it comes to buying supplements or the latest and greatest workout

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What are net carbs?

This is the latest thing from food companies. This food has 3 net carbs in it. But what are net carbs? What does that mean? I actually had to look this up because I hadn’t really heard of it until I bought some tortillas that

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Exercises to lose fat

This is our number one request people ask for: exercises to lose fat. What can I do to lose fat in my stomach? How do I get rid of this fat under my arm? Is there an exercise to get rid of this spot by

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How to lose 10 pounds in a week

Have you ever been waiting in line at the grocery store checkout and see those magazines that say how to lose 10 pounds in a week? I certainly have, and good news for you, I will give you the secret to lose 10 pounds in

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Fitness training to look like a celebrity

You ever watch a movie and go. I want to look like them? I sure have. Me? I want to look like Chris Evans in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Particularly in the scene where he is pulling a helicopter back to the helipad. This

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4 Fitness Myths: Men vs Women

The 4 Fitness Myths: Men vs Women Lifting Weights: Lifting weights has been frowned upon by women due to the nature of them thinking that it will make them look bulky or too manly. Lifting weights is proven to deliver the best long-term results for

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