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Consistency is the Key

The key to your success is solely reliant on how consistent you are. Consistency is the Key. This can apply to just about anything but I own and operate a gym so I see this most frequently in health and fitness. Motivation can be extremely

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Stop being reactive to your health

Stop being reactive to your health. That was a blunt statement. This is a subject that I have to be blunt on. I am going to start with a really good story for you about why you should stop being reactive to your health. Someone

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Are fitness tracker’s calorie burn accurate?

Are fitness tracker’s calorie burn accurate? Fitness professionals get this question a lot. Is that how many calories I am actually burning? The short answer is no they aren’t all that accurate. Just to show you I did a comparison of two different devices to

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How to build your own workout?

Do you want to know how to build your own workout? I am here to help you unlock the secret’s. I am going to run through the do and don’ts of programming. Programming really isn’t that hard. The issue that most people run into is

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Tired of your gym and not getting results?

Are you tired of your gym and not getting the results you were looking for? You’re not alone. There are millions of people not using their gym memberships. You probably already know this but your gym doesn’t care if you don’t show up. They actually

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How many calories am I burning?

How many calories am I burning? This is a popular question fitness trainers get. This is such a hard question to answer. Why? Your metabolism is ever changing. We aren’t talking about hundreds of calories a day. We are talking about 10 or so calories.

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How should you treat your injuries?

Have you ever gone to the doctor for an infection and they recommend you take antibiotics? Sure we all have. It’s the thing we have always been taught to do, right? But what if that’s not how we are supposed to treat an infection? I

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Dan’s Jerky Recipe

Jerky is an awesome protein snack that is just way too expensive for the amount you get from the store. Making your own jerky is easy and can be incredibly inexpensive. This isn’t some super secret jerky recipe. It’s called Dan’s jerky recipe because Dan

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The Eight Fundamental Movements

Did you know that all your movements can be broken down into eight fundamental movements? Sure, your movement gets more complicated than that but that’s the fun part of the body. You can move in several different directions all at once but every direction you

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