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The Trickery Behind Processed Foods

Processed foods have been around for over a hundred years. They were brought into the world a just before The Great Depression. Processed foods are really good for a lot of things such as: easy to travel, long shelf life, generally cheaper, and are extremely

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5 Tips For Creating A Sustainable Meal Plan

1.Keep it simple This one goes over the head for a lot of people. They feel like they need to make the most complicated meal prep in the world in order to see results from their fitness program. The problem with complicated is; that it

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3 Steel Mace Exercises to Define Your Arms

We specialize in using unconventional training to improve your quality of life! The steel mace is one of the most upcoming tools in fitness. We utilize them in many ways some of which include the exercises below to help define your arms. Some general concepts

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Busting the biggest rumor in fitness

Fitness companies claim that their workouts will deliver muscle building and fat burning results. If you are brand new to exercise, these claims might be true. But you will find that the muscle building and fat burning effects won’t last LONG-TERM. Most companies will take

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The ONLY way to boost your metabolism

Boosting your metabolism has been thrown around the fitness industry for decades. But what does it even mean? Most people think its just something that fizzles out as you get older. Which it does, but you can counter act through the right type of exercise.

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5 Steps to Losing Body Fat – Made Easy

Losing weight seems to be a very difficult but very common goal for most individuals. We have created this simple 5 step process to losing weight and having you hitting your new year fitness goal in no time. Step 1 Know Your Calorie Burn: This

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