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Exercises to lose fat

This is our number one request people ask for: exercises to lose fat. What can I do to lose fat in my stomach? How do I get rid of this fat under my arm? Is there an exercise to get rid of this spot by

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How to lose 10 pounds in a week

Have you ever been waiting in line at the grocery store checkout and see those magazines that say how to lose 10 pounds in a week? I certainly have, and good news for you, I will give you the secret to lose 10 pounds in

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Fitness training to look like a celebrity

You ever watch a movie and go. I want to look like them? I sure have. Me? I want to look like Chris Evans in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Particularly in the scene where he is pulling a helicopter back to the helipad. This

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4 Fitness Myths: Men vs Women

The 4 Fitness Myths: Men vs Women Lifting Weights: Lifting weights has been frowned upon by women due to the nature of them thinking that it will make them look bulky or too manly. Lifting weights is proven to deliver the best long-term results for

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How to increase your metabolism

How to increase your metabolism And How to Harness Its TRUE Power. Metabolism is one of those words thrown around the fitness industry, with not much knowledge behind it. In order to go more in depth about metabolism, we first must learn how your Basal

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Learn how to invest in your health.

Learn how to invest in your health and why investing in a health and fitness coach could save you time and frustrations. Investing in your health and investing in a health coach are two completely different things. Investing in your health can be as little

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Intermittent fasting for Weight Loss

Accelerating weight loss (aka fat loss) is an extremely popular thing to try and do? Why? Simple, who doesn’t like instant gratification. It would be amazing to lose 10 pounds in one day. The problem is thats not realistic. This basically allows people to enter

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What workout routine is BEST for you?

So here you are, ready to start your fitness journey… but where do you start? Many fitness companies try to push that their workout is the best one for you, but they don’t know you. We don’t know you either. So how do you determine

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5 Foods To Help You Lose Weight

We all want to be looking our best for the summer months, that are soon to come. But why do we struggle year after year when it comes to our weight loss goals? Losing weight is simple, but implementing the strategies to create a healthy

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The Trickery Behind Processed Foods

Processed foods have been around for over a hundred years. They were brought into the world a just before The Great Depression. Processed foods are really good for a lot of things such as: easy to travel, long shelf life, generally cheaper, and are extremely

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