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3 Reasons Why Spin Classes May Not Be For You

Spin style classes are known as being one of the best leg burners and highest calorie torching workouts out there. But is Spin for you? I want to start off by saying that Spin is a great form of exercise to elevate the heart rate

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Strength Training: The Long-Term Success Story

In this day and age, people have one focus while working out. That focus tends to be burning as many calories as possible in a given workout. This is a very rookie mistake that most of the general population make when starting a fitness routine.

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Train like a REGULAR person… Not an athlete

Dear Your Future Healthiest Self, We are on a mission. A mission to change people’s perspective on exercise. Athletes are paid to eventually get injured. Stop training like an athlete. Far too often I see these gyms creating random programming from a database of exercises.

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Setbacks Do Not Determine Who You Are

Fitness progress is NEVER linear. Setbacks will always happen and they will never go away. How you handle these setbacks will determine how successful your fitness routine will be. Setbacks can come in many forms, and sometimes we can do nothing but let them pass

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Why Joint Pain Can Be Fixed By Exercise

Let’s talk about the number one concern people have when joining our gym, Rise Above Fitness. Pretty much every one in the entire world has suffered from some sort of joint ache or pain. Whether it’s your lower back or your knee, I’m sure you’ve

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Quality of Life

Fitness/exercise is something that everyone knows that they need to do, so why does the majority of the general population fall short? In this blog post, I’ll be talking about the one main oversight that people have one it comes to their goal setting. The

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The 2 Key Attributes to Fitness Progress

Progress is essential in a fitness routine. The reason it’s essential is because it’s the most motivational factor. Humans like to be rewarded for their hard work. So when you travel through your fitness journey, you can use these 2 mindsets to keep you on

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