Is that fast food salad you ordered better for you than the burger?

When I started writing this blog I really had no idea what to expect. Is that fast food salad you ordered better for you than the burger? I found out that McDonald’s no longer offers salads. See told you I didn’t know what to expect. For today’s blog we are going to compare Wendy’s salads and burgers and find out if the salad really is the best fast food option.

Wendy’s has a ton of options for both salads and burgers. So this is a hard comparison to make. Their salads range from 440 calories all the way up to 690 calories according to their website. Their burgers range from 250 calories all the way to 1,520 calories. You can see right off the bat we have a wide range of options. You can get a Jr hamburger that is only 250 calories while the lowest salad is 440 calories.

This begs the question even further. Is that salad really a better option than a burger? Wendy’s offer’s 6 burgers that are 450 calories or less. So if you are going to compare a calorie for calorie option, the burger might be the way to go especially if you have a craving for the burger.

The question at this point is why is a Parmesan Caesar Salad 440 calories? The answer is quite simple. It’s 440 calories if you put the dressing on the salad. The salad without the dressing is 300 calories and it’s served with grilled chicken. The strategy would be don’t use the dressing they give you and use your favorite vinaigrette on it instead. Salad dressing is a quick way to take something that’s healthy and makes it unhealthy.

So this is a tough one. Which should you get? The truth is probably neither but if you’re in a pinch make smart choices. The salads that are 440 calories or any of the burgers that are 450 calories or less are the way to go. They won’t break the calories bank. This goes with any fast food joint if you’re in a pinch, you generally want to err on the side of less calories. If you’re out to have a good time, go nuts. If you’re trying to make a calorie conscious decision, stick with low calorie menu options but know that a burger isn’t really worse than the fast food salad. Don’t forget, this does not take into consideration your macro or micro nutrients. This is strictly a calorie comparison. Hopefully that answered the question: Is that fast food salad you ordered better for you than the burger?

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