What is unconventional training?

Unconventional training is taking tools that are less commonly known in the fitness space and using them to help hit your goals. Typically machines, dumb bells, and barbells, will bore people. Unconventional training takes a unique approach to hitting your goals. The best way to describe it would be this; Life is very rarely straight up and down or forward and backwards, so why should your training be that way. Life has rotation, uneven loads, and so much more. Life is not symmetrical or convenient. Neither should your training.

Battle Rope

  • You can develop your upper body strength and conditioning.
  • You can have a low risk of injury due to its lighter weight and flexible material.
  • You can increases your heart rate and calorie burn to help burn fat.
  • You can use it unconventionally to build core strength.
  • You can actually have fun while exercising.

Steel Mace

  • You can mimic real world strength, due to the uneven loads.
  • You can effectively build rotational and core strength.
  • You can Improve your upper back posture.
    You can develop full body muscular coordination.
  • You can actually have fun while exercising.

Steel Club

  • You can rehab or prehab your joints using lighter weight.
  • You can develop powerful grip strength due to its top heavy design.
  • You can remove muscular imbalances from “one sided sports” like golf or baseball.
  • You can mimic real world strength, due to its uneven load.
  • You can actually have fun while exercising.


  • You can build explosive strength and power.
  • You can use this tool for anything, it is the most versatile piece of equipment.
  • You can develop your legs/butt/core using basic movements.
  • You can improve your endurance using flows or complexes with lighter weights.
  • You can actually have fun while exercising.


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