Setbacks Do Not Determine Who You Are

Fitness progress is NEVER linear. Setbacks will always happen and they will never go away. How you handle these setbacks will determine how successful your fitness routine will be.

Setbacks can come in many forms, and sometimes we can do nothing but let them pass and continue moving forward. I’ll always remember when I first started lifting…

I was looking to gain size because my 20 year old body at 115 pounds was not appealing to me. So I set out to conquer my quest to become a monster of size. About 6 months into my regular lifting routine, I got the stomach flu or food poisoning (I’m not sure which).

The immediate response my body has over the next 2 days was a complete disaster. I lost about 10 of the 15 pounds I’d gained. Most people would take that experience and look at it as a devastating occurrence that discourages them SO much that they quit exercise and hitting their goals all together.

Do you honestly think that in my 10 years of lifting I’ve never had a setback? That makes me laugh just thinking about it. I’ve had so many setbacks in so many different ways. Which has eventually led me to making a career out of fitness and sharing my own experiences with my clients. Sometimes success is as simple as just getting back on the horse. It doesn’t have to be 100 pound weight loss or 50 pounds of muscle gain.

The reality is that these setbacks that you have to conquer will only make you stronger. If you’re able to put things like food poisoning, or having a baby, or a family member losing a job behind you and continue pushing forward, then you know how to handle it better the next time.

Every situation is different too. Sometimes fitness will be removed from your life all together, or sometimes you just do what you can with what you have. Even if it just means walking around the block a few times.

Life always has its setbacks. How you handle those setbacks determines who you are as a person.

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-Coach Paul-

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