Strength Training: The Long-Term Success Story

In this day and age, people have one focus while working out. That focus tends to be burning as many calories as possible in a given workout.

This is a very rookie mistake that most of the general population make when starting a fitness routine. I find that when new gym goers start; they gravitate towards cardio equipment. Why?

Because it’s “easy” to perform the movement.

The problem with focusing on burning tons of calories (in hopes to burn tons of fat), is that this will decrease your metabolism over time.

Both fat and muscle both burn calories. So when you jump on the cardio equipment in hopes to burn tons of calories and fat, your metabolism will actually start to decrease as you lose fat. Meaning, the more fat you lose without gaining any muscle; the less calories you will burn at rest over time.

The difference is between muscle and fat; is that muscle will burn 2.5X the amount of calories than fat at rest.

Strength/resistance training will better develop long-term results, because it will help build muscle size and density. The more muscle you gain, the more calories you will burn at rest.

Most new gym-goers tend to avoid strength/resistance training because they consider it difficult to learn. That’s why when we created Rise Above, we wanted to create an educational experience that can keep you safe while helping build muscle density in a group setting.

Don’t be afraid to lift weights and build muscle either. Unless you are taking anabolic steroids (which I highly recommend against), you will not turn into a body builder.

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