The Trickery Behind Processed Foods

Processed foods have been around for over a hundred years.

They were brought into the world a just before The Great Depression.

Processed foods are really good for a lot of things such as: easy to travel, long shelf life, generally cheaper, and are extremely convenient.

But processed foods have changed over the years.

Many companies have put millions of dollars into creating formulas for these foods so that they become hyper-palatable.


If the processed foods taste really good then you will want to keep buying them and thus making those companies even richer

Do you think that those companies cares about whether or not the food is healthy or good for you?

Probably not. Okay, Definitely not.

Over consumption of hyper-palatable processed foods is the number 1 reason for the obesity epidemic in the US.

Which makes it almost impossible to create a sustainable nutrition routine.

The best example of how processing can effect foods is potatoes vs potato chips.

A regular small potato weighs roughly 170 grams; while a serving size of potato chips (will refrain from using the brand name) is roughly 28 grams (which is about 12 chips…who eats only 12 chips anyway?).

The calories in the chips, however, runs 160… while the regular potato runs about 130 calories.

Did I write that wrong?

Nope. That means for a small potato you are eating 6-7 times the quantity of food BUT 30 less calories.

So just for shits and giggles….

I scaled the serving size of the chips to be the same as the potato (each being 170g total serving size) and guess what?

It’s not pretty…

If you ate an equal quantity of chips and regular potatoes then you would consume just under 1,000 calories!

But those companies don’t portray THOSE numbers to you because it would scare you off, obviously…

The trickery behind processed foods is usually the serving size.

You can scale any food label to make it look not so bad, so you need to make sure you look at how many servings your consuming.

A whole bag of chips runs over 1,000 calories but don’t worry, if you only eat 1 serving then you will only consume 160 calories.

Again, who only eats one serving of those delicious, salty, hyper addictive chips anyway.

Is anyone else salivating just thinking about it?

Damn you big food companies who have millions of dollars to make things taste so delicious…

Coach Paul

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