Tired of your gym and not getting results?

Are you tired of your gym and not getting the results you were looking for? You’re not alone. There are millions of people not using their gym memberships. You probably already know this but your gym doesn’t care if you don’t show up. They actually prefer you don’t show up. They are getting your $10 a month and they are perfectly happy taking your money as you sit on the couch and watch tv. The fitness industry is a $32 billion dollar industry. The majority of that money is literally from people not using their gym membership.

This makes me incredibly sad. I know it’s only $120 a year for the individual but I look at it as billions of dollars are just wasted. But that’s not the only reason this makes me sad. All gyms pretty much have the same purpose or mission statement: to help people reach their health and fitness goals and to create the healthiest version of you or whatever BS they say. The reason I say BS is if these places actually cared about you, they wouldn’t just take your $10 and hope you never show back up. They don’t tell you what it actually takes to reach your fitness goals. They want to show you their value that you can go to any of their locations or they have massage chairs, hydro therapy tables, tanning beds, saunas, bring a guest free, etc, etc, etc.

Okay Dan, what’s your point other than complaining about a big box gym while you run a boutique fitness center? My point is they don’t care about you because you don’t care about your health. They take advantage of the fact that you care about your health for 1 week out of the year. This is what makes me sad. Don’t believe me. Answer this question. What are you currently doing to take care of yourself and your health? Be honest with yourself. Are you consistently exercising, eating right, walking, sleeping 8 hours a day, drinking enough water, stretching, balancing stress? What are you doing right now to live a long and healthy life?

Hopefully this strikes a cord with you a little bit. I am not here to tell you what you want to hear. I am here to tell you what you need to hear. What you need to hear hurts. Stop blaming others for the things you are in control of. You have to take responsibility for your life. It’s not the gym’s fault you aren’t seeing results. Was it the gym’s fault you stopped going after a week of signing up? Is it the gym’s fault for eating 1000 calorie fast food burgers for lunch? Is it the gym’s fault you consumed too many alcoholic beverages on the weekend?

The gym isn’t the one stopping you from getting results. You are the one stopping you from getting results. What is the gym’s fault is that they don’t care about your health but why should they care about your health when you don’t care about your health?

If you’re tired of your gym and not getting results, stop blaming the gym. Sure they don’t actually care about you but who cares what they think? The first thing you need to do is start caring about yourself and your health. Once you start to care then you will start to see progress and results. Once you care, find yourself a support system that also cares about you. Lastly, find a gym that cares about you or say screw you gym and actually show up because that’s not what they want.

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