Fitness training to look like a celebrity

You ever watch a movie and go. I want to look like them? I sure have. Me? I want to look like Chris Evans in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Particularly in the scene where he is pulling a helicopter back to the helipad. This just isn’t a guy thing either. It happens to women as well. For instance, my fiance wants to look like Chyler Leigh from Supergirl. The the first thing you do is go to google and type in Fitness training to look like a celebrity

We all have dreams and aspirations of looking like a celebrity or an athlete. Here is the hard reality, these people are literally getting paid to look like that or perform at their best day in and day out. This means that you will probably never look like them or perform like them unless you make that your full time job.

Let’s take Russell Wilson. Pictured above. He is one of the best professional American football players in the world. He reported spending $1 million dollars a year on a performance team. This includes a strength and conditioning coach, personal chefs (yes plural), physical therapists, a slew of recovery tools and a hyperbaric chamber.

He is paid millions of dollars to be at the top of his game for as long as possible. What do you think happens when he retires? He doesn’t need to be in top physical shape anymore. Why is he going to spend millions on those things. He will still probably spend money but his goal is to no longer be the best.

kettlebell work out at best gym

If an actor or athlete isn’t getting paid the big bucks to look like a superhuman why would you train like a superhuman? You wouldn’t and they don’t. So why are you trying to look like them? Ask yourself that question. I don’t have the answer. I can only tell you why I want to look like Captain America.

Moral of the story. You are never going to look as fit as a celebrity because you probably don’t have the resources to spend on making you look like that. Train to be healthy, train to live longer train to not need assistance when you are an old geezer, train for any other reason than to look like someone else and stop googling fitness training to look like a celebrity

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