Why Joint Pain Can Be Fixed By Exercise

Let’s talk about the number one concern people have when joining our gym, Rise Above Fitness.

Pretty much every one in the entire world has suffered from some sort of joint ache or pain. Whether it’s your lower back or your knee, I’m sure you’ve experienced something that causes you misery when you move a certain way. Most of these people probably had some sort of ache or pain while they were exercising that’s now deterring them from trying to “Improve Their Quality Of Life.” Hate to be the barer of bad news, but the exercise is not hurting you.

You are hurting you.


Not taking the time to properly learn the movement mechanics that your body is supposed to be able to do naturally, can cause some serious issues! No wonder why you’re turned off from exercise! Let’s remember what muscles do in your body… Muscles are good for one thing and one thing only: MOVEMENT.

When your muscles stretch and contract, there’s a movement response on your skeleton. So, if a joint’s hurting it means you’re not engaging your muscles in the proper fashion. Instead, there’s wear and tear on your ligament or tendon which is what causes pain after repetitive usage.

Pain’s nothing but a signal from your brain telling you that something isn’t right. So that ache in your knee joint is your brain’s way of telling you that you aren’t doing your lunges or squats properly. Ignore your pain and your knee will blow out. You need to take responsibility over your life and stop blaming exercise for hurting you. Because in all reality, exercise is the one thing that can help all of those aches and pains.

Not all exercise will help this though…

If you’re training to be an athlete, then you’re sacrificing your body for performance. Longevity on the other hand (the ability to work out pain free the rest of your life) will be the best exercise style to REMOVE those pains. Ensuring proper muscular engagement will guarantee you live a healthy, long, and, most importantly, pain-free life.

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