Introducing the Rise Above Personal Training Team

Meet the fitness experts ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and your potential.

Our Founders

Paul and Dan D’Arco

These are owners and head coaches Dan (on left) and Paul (on right) D’Arco.

They initially took interest in their health and wellness growing up playing sports like basketball, volleyball, cross country and more…

Only being 18 months apart allowed for a solid relationship and unmatched communication.

They have a combined experience of 20 years of fitness experience, 10 of which being coaches to a wide variety of clients.

Although they are mean muggin’ in this picture, they have helped 100’s of people just like you achieve what they never thought they could.

Can you guess which one is younger?

Our trainers

RIse Baove UT Trainer

Skye Dougherty

Skye Dougherty joined the Rise Above staff in March of 2021. She has almost 12 years of coaching experience with most of her background in hockey and figure skating. She has trained athletes of all ages both on and off the ice.

Skye grew up as an athlete across many sports, but by the age of 13, her main focus was on figure skating. She competed both regionally in the Northeast for five seasons and Nationally twice. Through those experiences, she has been able to improve both herself, and her ability to coach using empathy. Skye set out to become someone people ( not just athletes) could go to for help for proper coaching.

Skye’s goals are your goals. She is commited to helping people live pain-free. Everybody is different and she hopes to help more people reach their individual goals so they may lead happy, healthy lives.